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Brembo GT Series Big Brake Kit for 1 Series


For over 30 years now, the name of Brembo Racing – synonymous with high performance braking systems – has been associated with wins by the top teams in motorsport.  We know, our Time Attack 135i runs the Brembo GT series Big Brake Kits to help us take our 1st place victory and record setting time at Redline Time Attack Willow Springs.

Brembo GT Series Big Brake Kit (Front and Rear)

Now those with a 135i with the OEM Brembo 6 piston brakes will probably say, why should I upgrade to the Brembo GT Series 6 piston big brake kit?  They're both 6 pistons calipers.  Well, the 135i OEM Brembo brakes are great brakes for the street but take 2 hot laps on a track and you'll know see we upgraded.  The 135i OEM Brembo brakes will experience brake fade very quickly once you heat them up.  Beat on it for a few track sessions with aggressive track pads and you may come to find that the ceramic piston inserts on will start to crack and crumble away, rendering the caliper useless.  Unfortunately, these ceramic piston inserts are not sold by BMW seperately, and thus you'r forced to buy a brand new set of OEM Brembo calipers (you don't want to know how much they cost!).  All of this is eliminated with the Brembo GT Series Big Brake Kit.  The GT series 2 piece floating rotor helps by better dissipation of heat.  This race inspired design also reduces unsprung and rotating weight.  The GT series rotor is 14" wide (compared to 13.3 stock) which increases brake torque.  Add the sexy GT series 6 piston caliper that can take abuse and you have the perfect street/track setup!

  OEM Caliper Piston Brembo GT Series Caliper Piston OEM Rotor Size Brembo GT Series Rotor Size Price
Front 6 6 13.3" 14.0" $3,595.00
Rear 1 4 12.6" 13.6" $3,250.00

Black Caliper with Cross Drilled Rotors (Front Kit shown)

Yellow Caliper with Slotted Rotors

Brake Caliper available in Red, Black, Silver and Yellow


There are 4 brake caliper color options available: red, black, silver and yellow.  You can also choose if you want cross drilled rotors or slotted rotors.  We recommend the slotted rotors if you track your car because the cross drilled rotors are more prone to cracking.

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We recommend that you purchase brake fluid as it is required when installing any brake kit.

List Price: $3,795.00
Price: $3,595.00