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ACT Clutches


After spending long hours and thousands of dollars building that high powered engine, you need a quality clutch that can properly transfer that power into motion. Count on ACT Clutches for quality, performance and affordability.

Many of you with 135s and 335s pushing over 400whp will start to notice that your factory clutch isn't holding the power anymore.  It's time for an upgrade.  Below are the options available for the N54 engine.

Pressure Plates

At this moment, only the ACT HD (Heavy Duty) Pressure Plate is available for the N54 engine.

Friction Discs

The solid sprung disc is the ideal choice for daily driven street cars.  Clutch engangement is smooth like factory.
The 6 puck disc is the ideally for race cars only.  Clutch engagement is aggressive.  THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR ANY CARS WHO SEE STREET DUTY.  Clutch engagement is on and off.  Don't even think about slipping the clutch with this clutch.

When replacing the clutch, BMW requires that the following parts be replaced:

Clutch Release Bearing

Transmission Bolts (they're aluminum and must be replaced each time they're removed)

Flywheel Cylinder Bearing

We have them available to you for your convenience. 


Our service department can install this clutch in your car for you!  Contact us for more information.


List Price: $626.00
Price: $626.00