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F30 Charge Pipes Are Here!

Turn up the boost with a tune and find your factory charge pipe break apart?  Fear not!  The solution is here!  Introducing our new charge pipe for the 2012+ BMW 335i!  Made 100% of 6061 high grade aluminum, this will never happen again (backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty)! 

Click here for more information!


Follow us on Instagram!!!!!

We are happy to announce we have FINALLY opened an Instagram account! You can follow us @evolutionracewerks.

We will have live updates on releases of new products to what is in the works! 

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone!  We'd like to thank all our valued customers for their continued support this year! Another year has come and gone.  Your support has allowed us to continue to do what we love as a job.  From everyone here @ Evolution Racewerks, thank you guys so very much!  We will continue to strive to offer the best products with the best customer service possible in the years to come. 

We will be shutting down for the holidays starting Friday, December 22, 2012.  We will be back to the offices Wed, January 2 2013.  If you guys have any questions or need to reach us, please e-mail us at .  We will still be checking our e-mails periodically.  Since we are on holidays, we may be answers e-mails slower than normal so please be patient.  See you guys in 2013 (if the world doesn't end)!

Black Friday Drawing Winners!

Congratulations to our winner of this year's Black Friday Sale Drawing!

1st Place Winner (1) $500.00 Credit Towards ER products

1.  Howard (Cherry Hill, NJ)

2nd Place Winner (2) $250.00 Credit Towards ER Products

1.  Noah (San Bernardino, CA) 2.  Jonathan (Highland Park, IL)

3rd Place Winner (2) Free BMW Charge Pipe

1.  Esteban (Mexicali, Mexico) 2.  Caleb (Brooklyn, NY)

4th Place Winner (2) Free Audi Test Pipe

1.  Cali (Sonoma, CA) 2.  David (Singapore, Singapore)

5th Place Winner (2) Free Audi Turbo Inlet Pipe

1.  Tyrelle (Lawrenceville, GA) 2.  Travis (Spring, TX)

6th Place Winner (5) Stainless Steel Brake Lines

1.  Henry (Englewood, CO) 4.  David (Davie, FL)
2.  Scott (Colchester, VT)
5.  Joe ( Bellevue, WA)
3.  Haroun (Coral Springs, FL)  

7th Place Winner (5)

1.  Dalton (Woodlands, TX) 4.  Jesse (Oakhurst, NJ)
2.  Charles (San Diego, CA)
5.  Allan (Vancouver, Canada)
3.  Duc (San Mateo, CA)  

8th Place Winner (10)

1.  Young (Bayside Hills, NY) 6.  Shing (Hong Kong, China)
2.  Derrick (Seattle, WA) 7.  Robert (Foster City, CA)
3.  Victor (Arcadia, CA) 8.  Eric (Melbourne, Australia)
4.  Lisa (Lake Mary, FL) 9.  Jeff (Las Vegas, NV)
5.  Troy (Morrisville, NC) 10.  Ian (Bridgeport, CT)

9th Place Winner (15)

1.  Danny (Mesa, AZ) 6.  Jackson (Cherry Hill, NJ) 11.  Sebastian (Weiz, Austria)
2.  Andy (Las Vegas, NV) 7.  Juan (Coral Gables, FL) 12.  Min (Calgary, Canada)
3.  Richard (Glenwood, IL) 8.  Brian (Encino Park, TX) 13.  Edwin (Belrose, Australia)
4.  Alejandro (Aspen Hill, MD) 9.  Peter (Dublin, CA) 14.  Sam (Sommerville, MA)
5.  Caroline (Madison, TN) 10.  Adrian (Drexel Hill, PA) 15.  Tien (New Orleans, LA)

10th Place Winner (20)

1.  David (Foster City, CA)
8.  Sam (Mesa, CA)
15.  George (Henderson, CO)
2.  Gary (Homewood, IL) 9.  Leo (Gangnam, Seoul, Korea) 16.  Young (Bayside Hills, NY)
3.  Kyosuke (Toyko, Japan) 10.  Michael (Cambridge, MA) 17.  Ming (Shanghai, China)
4.  Nathaniel (Morton, IL) 11.  David (Dublin, CA) 18.  Jeff (Sunnyside, OR)
5.  Pang (Hong Kong, China) 12.  Brian (Rochester, MN) 19.  Jason (Palmdale, CA)
6.  Marcus (Atlanta, GA) 13.  John (Providence, RI) 20.  Mike (Cupertino, CA)
7.  Derrick (Fullerton, CA) 14.  Daniel (Fort Lauderdale, FL)  

11th Place Winners (25)

1.  Pang (Hong Kong, China) 10.  Tim (Lakewood, CA) 19.  Vinh (Lake Forest, IL)
2.  Justin (Spokane, WA) 11.  Kevin (Linda Vista, CA) 20.  Milo (Luxembourg, Belgium)
3.  Dalton (Woodlands, TX) 12.  John (Tampa, FL)
21.  Jessica (Torrance, CA)
4.  Andrew (Birmingham, England)
13.  Young (Bayside Hills, NY) 22.  Mike (Roselle Park, NJ)
5.  Cary (Monterey, CA) 14.  Wendy (New York, NY) 23.  Frank (Quincy, MA)
6.  Jeff (Las Vegas, NV)
15.  Dominic (Moscow, Russia) 24.  James (Westwood, CA)
7.  Hugo (London, England) 16.  Rene (Sacramento, CA) 25.  Matt (New Haven, CT)
8.  Danny (St. Leonards, Australia) 17.  Scott (Hacienda Heights, CA)  
9.  Tim (Birmingham, MI) 18.  Robert (Sugar Land, TX)  

Cyber Monday Week!

Almost everything discounted!  Savings throughout the week.

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy fourth of July America!  We will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th.  We will be back to work on Thursday, July 5th.

Bimmerfest 2012

We will be at Bimmerfest on Saturday, May 19th 2012.  See us at Booth #3!

Due to scheduling, we will not be open tomorrow, Friday May 18th, 2012.  We will resume normal business hours on Monday, 21th, 2012.

Going Racing...

It's race season again and we're going racing this weekend.  We will have a limited day tomorrow, Friday April 20th.  Please e-mail us if you need to contact us.  We will be checking our e-mails regularly.  If it is urgent and you cannot reach us at the office, you can contact Christine at

We will be racing our 135i in the Global Time Attack Series at Buttonwillow, CA.  Coming along will be the newest member of the family, Milby, our F30 328i for her inaugural track day to test out her new parts currently in development.

Forge Diverter Valve Upgrade Kits Are Here!

You can now have get your BMW 135i/335i/535i Evolution Racewerks Charge Pipes with these Forge Diverter Valve Upgrade Kits!  We are now stocking the Forge Motorsports Diverter Valve Upgrade Kits for the 135i/335i/535i.  Available in both machine finish (silver) and black.  More info here:  Forge Diverter Valve Upgrade Kit, Diverter Valve Charge Pipe, Competition FMIC


R&D of the BMW N20 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine Begins!

We've started our R&D on new parts for the new BMW N20 4 cylinder turbo engine found on the new 2012 (F30) 328i.

"Milby" on his temporary home on lift #1

N20 Engine Naked...

Intercooler coming out... upgraded FMIC coming soon!

Rear diff coming out... LSD Diff coming soon!

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